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What To Do First: 4 Most Popular Wedding Planning Firsts

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Every bride is different, but most newly engaged people know that there are certain things that need to be taken care of before the typical wedding can take place. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re wondering what to do first, you’re not alone. Your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden has first-hand experience in this department, as we specialize in making sure all things on the to-do list are taken care of before you set foot down the aisle. There is no right or wrong place to start, so we’ve put together a four-part list of what to do first to help you find what is most important to you.

What to do First - theme



“Deciding to pick our theme first helped us to determine the venue
we wanted to go with… and we chose our rustic-inspired theme
because it was very easy to DIY, and in turn save money.”
“We picked a travel theme because we both love traveling and were
able to use all of our pictures as decorations… and that was our first
task half because it means something to us and half because it was easy to do.”


The most popular answer to the what to do first question is theme, which encompasses picking style and colors, too. People feel that once the theme is set, it allows a much smoother transition into checking off other wedding planning tasks like time of year (and the exact date), a location and venue, the decorations, bridesmaids and groomsmen attire, and the flowers.


What to do First - themetwo.


“Without a location, you can’t really plan much because you
can discover what that location and venue offers. It
also helps you determine your date, as it may be booked
up for a while. It gives you a good starting point.”


Where the wedding takes place is one of the most popular wedding planning tasks that is checked off the list first. If you live far away from the majority of the people you’ll be inviting, you may decide that taking it back to your hometown is the best choice. If those you want to attend are scattered all over, you might consider a destination wedding instead. Choosing a location/venue that offers vendors in a package will help complete other items on the to-do list and make planning go much more smoothly.



What to do First - theme



“And I went in, and I turned around, and there it was. The perfect dress… I tried it on, and it fit me perfectly, and it was on sale, and so I bought it. And from the minute I bought the dress, everything else fell into place.”

– Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)




If you’re anything like Lorelai, then your first wedding planning to-do was all about the dress. The fit/style of the dress can help determine the season and the venue, which can then impact the flowers and potentially a theme. Once your theme is set you can choose invites and decorations and… you get the idea.





“It was sort of a no-brainer for us to decide on our date first. There were many factors
that were going to influence all of our wedding planning
decisions so we just broke it down… money (cheaper in the off-season), family/friend’s birthday/anniversaries and holidays we wanted to avoid. It worked out and then everything else was a little easier.”



Maybe there’s a specific date you want to memorialize. Perhaps your busy work schedules only allow for a certain time where you can both get off. Or it’s possible that you just randomly selected something that sounds good (his birth month with her birth day). If you choose the date as what to do first, it can be helpful in setting your budget, narrowing down your location/venue, and choosing a theme/style (which is often impacted by the time of year).


We also want to say that a smart first wedding planning to-do is hiring a wedding planner/coordinator like your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden. Not only can we help you decide what to do first, but we can help with all of the wedding planning tasks on your plate.

That being said, what is first up on your to-do list? What wedding planning tasks are highest priority to you? Do any of the above suggestions appeal to your planning process and answer your what to do first question? Share your thoughts and feelings with us on social media by clicking the links below!

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