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Writing Wedding Thank You Notes

As William Shakespeare once said, “I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” And thanks is what you should be giving if you’ve received (or are soon to receive) any items off your wedding gift registry. If you’re getting ready for your wedding day, you’re soon to know all about the undertaking that is: writing wedding thank you notes. But your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden wants you to know that it doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and if we can provide some thank you note tips to help you tackle those suckers, we’re all for it!



Whether you choose stationary that matches your invitations, or you fall in love with paper goods you come across on Etsy or at your local Michael’s, stock up on something that you can use even after you finish sending out your wedding thank you notes. To save a little money on the notecards and stamps, you could turn a wedding or engagement photo into a postcard-thank-you, making it memorable and even more meaningful. Make sure to get more than you think you need, just in case; and that applies for Forever Stamps, too.  Opt for blue or black ink (keep in mind you’ll probably need a few pens) that won’t bleed through the envelopes or cards. And consider purchasing return address labels with your information to save yourself some time!



One of the best thank you note tips we can give you is to set up a card-writing station somewhere in your home. Make it easily accessible, quickly maneuverable, and constantly tidy! This will prove especially beneficial if you’re ready to get into writer mode and can walk straight into an area already set up and waiting for you.



Assuming you sent out wedding invitations the old fashioned way, you should already have a list of names and addresses prepared for writing wedding thank you notes. Adapt your list to include a column for you to fill in the gifts you receive for quick reference. It’s always possible you’ll get gifts from people who weren’t invited, so make sure to cut out return addresses and transcribe them onto your master list. If you really want to stay ahead of the game, write your thank you notes for gifts sent to you pre-wedding as soon as you receive them. Etiquette says to send notes within 2 weeks of getting pre-wedding gifts and within 2 months of getting post-wedding gifts. And remember, every gift counts; no matter how big or small, whether a physical present or from lending assistance on the big day, send a note.



Set aside 30 minutes to an hour a night, grab a glass of wine, turn on your jams, and get to business. Don’t expect to crank it all out in one day; your sentiments will get stale, your hand will cramp up, and you’ll quickly grow tired. But bear in mind – don’t tackle it alone! Make sure your significant other is participating in the “work part” as much as the “gift part.” Divide the list in whatever way works for you and be sure each of you signs both of your names to each note.



… but don’t go overboard. You should make each of the wedding thank you notes individualized, but you don’t need to write an entire novel. Keep it simple, maintain a positive voice, hit the high notes, and make it flow. A few of those high notes should be:

  • Mention names – Hi Aunt Jo and Uncle Bill!
  • Put in a reference to what was sent to you – The beautiful hand-painted platter will make a perfect addition to our monthly dinner party. OR We plan to invest your generous monetary gift into our deck renovation!
  • Insert some sort of personal tidbit about the happy couple. If it’s a pre-wedding thank you – These last two weeks are cram-packed with exciting last minute to-do’s and we can’t wait until you can see all the details on the big day. If it’s a post-wedding thank you – The Caribbean cruise we went on for the honeymoon was so much fun and now piña coladas are our favorite drink!
  • Give your thanks for the gift (and if they went to the wedding, your thanks again for their attendance on your big day).
  • Remember: a common stationary faux-pas is putting your married name on stationary before you’re officially married, so stick to first names in your signature (at least until after the wedding)!

**If you hit a writer’s block, or just can’t come up with anything on your own, check out some example wedding thank you notes wording.**


These thank you note tips also apply to other wedding-related events where gifts are given, such as an engagement party, bridal shower, or bachelorette party. And the thoughtfulness of a handwritten card is also relevant for those who attend your events even if a gift isn’t given. Simply alter the wording to reflect your thanks for their appearance as opposed to the giving of a physical gift.


Wedding Thank You Notes


Hopefully, our compiled list of thank you note tips will help out when you are in the process of conquering writing wedding thank you notes of your own. Let us know what tips you found most helpful, or if you have any suggestions of your own by clicking on the social media buttons below and reaching out!


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