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Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake

Over the past year, the trend of nixing the cake at a wedding has become more and more popular. No cake doesn’t mean sweet treats are nonexistent, however, it’s quite the opposite. If tradition is what you’re after, then this certainly won’t apply to you; but if you desire to adopt current trends, we have you covered with wedding dessert ideas that aren’t cake. Unique wedding desserts are everywhere and there are wedding vendors who’ve made it their primary focus to shine a light on that. Blue Linden, your special events planner, has decided to fully tackle these wonderfully sweet alternatives and feature a fantastic Colorado bakery that could help bring your visions to life.

The Dessert StandThe Dessert Stand stationed out of Westminster, Colorado, has been in business for six years and got started by catering desserts on location. Three years in, they decided to purchase a food truck and convert it into a mobile dessert station to build -up business and extend their reach. Then two years ago, they were finally able to open their own store front/bakery. Co-owner Brooke Smith was nice enough to take time to answer some questions for us about her innovative business and trendy clientele. When it comes to unique wedding desserts, The Dessert Stand has a definite niche. Brooke describes, “Our specialty is creating dessert tables with several varieties of desserts. The couple chooses what they want to feature at their wedding and the flavors that they love. Most of our brides and clients come to us seeking an alternative to the traditional cake and we love to deliver that!” [bctt tweet=”Our most popular wedding option is our dessert tables… telling their love story with dessert.” username=”@TheDessertStand”] Their one-of-a-kind displays include “cupcakes, pies, brownies, cheesecake, dessert shooters, cookies, whoopie pies and more.” They are always up for a challenge, the more creative the better.

Brooke tells us her personal favorites are, “our Blackberry Bubble cupcake, which has blackberry champagne, and any of our pies!” Wedding pie is included in most of their dessert tables (“We do those all the time,” she says), alongside other wedding dessert ideas that aren’t cake.

And if you’re wondering about cost, Brooke has some wonderful news! “Although the dessert truck only makes up about 5%  of our weddings, typically the price is about 15% less than a fancy traditional wedding cake.” Additionally she shares that, “dessert tables, on average, save brides up to 25% compared to traditional cake, with much more variety!”

So if nontraditional is what you’re after, here are some wonderful, non-cake alternatives for you to incorporate into your wedding (or event).


Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake: Breakfast Foods

Breakfast Food
Cinnamon Roll Cake
         Crepes Wedding Cake         Pancake Cake        Waffle Cake with Syrup


 Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake: Doughnuts

Yes, technically doughnuts are breakfast foods, but given the recent obsession – rightfully so – with these airy, squishy, sometimes jelly-filled or chocolate-covered, freshly baked concoctions, we figured they deserved a category all their own.

Donut Cakes
Donut Holes on Skewers
                                       Tiered Tower of Donuts


 Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake: CHEESE

Whether it be cheeseCAKE or actual towers of cheese wheels, it’s creamy, smooth, and flavorful. Going savory is certainly a risk, but one that definitely fits the unique wedding desserts idea (especially if served with honeys or some other sweet sauce).

Cheese for Cake
Mini Cheesecake Bites
       Multi-Flavor Cheesecakes        Tower of Cheese        Savory Cheese Tower


Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake: Macaroons

Macaron Tower
Cake of Macarons                                         Tower of Macarons


Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake: Frozen Treats

While it may not be the best idea during wintertime, frozen treats can be a real change of pace when it comes to unique wedding desserts! Ice cream in multiple flavors, in make-your-own form (sundae bar, float station, or go cold-stone style), dippin dots, in a sandwich, or on a cone can be fun! Try fro-yo or gelato for a little twist. You could also make uniquely flavored popsicles, shaved ice, or snow cones!

Frozen Treats
Ice Cream Bar
      Fruit & Champs Pops       Dippin Dots       Popsicle Bar       Ice Cream Bar Cart


Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake: Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies


Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake: Cookies


Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake: Brownies


Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake: Pie

Our favorite unique wedding desserts idea by far involves PIE! Appropriate, given the current time of year, pie is warm and comforting, inviting and super tasty. And the best part, you can serve it in so many different forms! Wedding pie sounds like the best idea ever, can be sliced just like cake (if you’re feeling a tad nostalgic), and an exceptionally filling alternative.

Pie as Cake Pie as Cake


Other Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake…

Favorite Dessert Ideas Favorite Dessert Ideas


Use the social media buttons below to tell us how much you love these ideas! Which is your favorite? Anything you’d consider as a replacement to your traditional cake idea? Tag us in any other ideas for unique wedding desserts that we may have overlooked!!

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