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10 Wedding Cake Trends Of 2017

In this week’s post, it’s all about wedding cakes! In addition to featuring our favorite 10 wedding cake trends of 2017, we’re also going to highlight a few more of favorite bakeries (in addition to the one we praised in our post Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake).



Marble and Metallic Wedding Cake Trends Das Meyer Metallic Wedding Cake Trends 2 Tier Metallic Wedding Cake Trends

If you want your theme to be really obvious, incorporate it in multiple places! Having a metallic wedding cake is a sure fire way to make sure your guests see that element; put it on your stationary, at your place settings, lining different touches in your wedding party’s attire, on your favors, and on your cake of course!



Geode Wedding Cake Trends Rocks and Geodes Wedding Cake Trends Geode Wedding Cake Trends from CO Bakery

One of the more recent wedding cake trends involves geodes: rocklike gems, minerals, and crystals. You can be inspired by your wedding colors, your birthstones, or whatever catches your eye. You can have them as outer embellishment or create a cake whose formation resembles the rock itself.



The Makery Ruffle Wedding Cake Trends Large Ruffle Wedding Cake Trends Pink Ruffle Wedding Cake Trends

Typically, you’ll find ruffles on your dress, but having ruffles inspire or completely overtake your wedding cake can be truly breathtaking if done with a steady hand and creative mind.



Das Meyer Naked Wedding Cake Trends Naked Wedding Cake Trends Naked Wedding Cake Trends by Grey Likes

The naked (or dirty-iced) wedding cake trend became really popular a few years ago, but it’s still very trendy and totally customizable. It allows you to show off the cake’s yummy insides that you so painstakingly chose, as well as giving a more rustic vibe.



Neon Color Drip Wedding Cake Trends The Makery Drip Wedding Cake Trends Color Drip Wedding Cake Trends

You can add this wedding cake trend to pretty much any style listed here, and it can completely change the aesthetic. The brighter, bolder, or contrasting the color of the dripped icing the better!



Sprinkles Wedding Cake Trends Sprinkle Wedding Cake Trends

To truly highlight your inner kid and showcase your fun personality, have your baker roll your wedding cake in sprinkles!


7 | LACE

Lace Wedding Cake Trends Lace and Bow Wedding Cake Trends Lace and Ribbon Wedding Cake Trends

One of the more classic wedding touches that will never really go out of style is lace detailing. The lace wedding cake trend is delicate and chic, with endless possibilities depending on personal style.



Cakes Amore Woodland Wedding Cake Trends Woodland and Botanical Wedding Cake Trends Das Meyer Woodland Wedding Cake Trends

As “greenery” was officially named the color of the year by Pantone, it makes perfect sense why incorporating greenery (and by association botanical elements) into your wedding cake is a popular choice for 2017.



Rosette Bottom Wedding Cake Trends Partial Rosette Wedding Cake Trend Cakes Amore Rosette Wedding Cake Trends

The added dimension provided by these rose elements, which are easily and uniquely sized and shaped, leaves guests in awe at the beauty of your wedding cake of choice.


10 | OMBRE 

The Makery Ombre Wedding Cake Trends Ombre Wedding Cake Trends

Ombre has been pretty popular for years, but there’s always a way to update it and make it uniquely yours when it comes to incorporating this wedding cake trend on your big day.



Maybe you’ve fallen in love with one of these wedding cake trends and now you don’t know what to do. Well, we have you covered there, too. Here are some of our favorite bakeries in the Littleton (and nearby) area who service all of Colorado (and beyond). In addition to a few of their photos in the above wedding cake trends section, each website has their own gallery to give you a greater idea of their personal style. You can also get more information about pricing, timing, and contacting them:

The Makery Cake Company

The Makery Cake Co opened June 21, 2006 and have since been a part of half a million celebrations all over Colorado.


Das Meyer Pastry

Das Meyer is a family owned and operated bakery that has been in business since 1982.


Cakes Amore

Cakes Amore was established in May 2008. The owners and designers Debbie and Connie have a combined 40 plus years experience.



Here are our favorite 10 wedding cake trends of 2017 – what do you think? Are there any you absolutely fell in love with? Anything we missed? What’s your favorite? Share you thoughts with us by using the social media buttons below – Blue Linden (your Denver wedding planner) always loves hearing from you!

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