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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Are you and your spouse celebrating a milestone anniversary? Are you desperate for a great present for family members or friends? Whatever the predicament, your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden has put together a great list of wedding anniversary gift ideas that will be memorable, heartfelt, and a true testament to the importance of many years together!


Do you want to go traditional, modern, floral, laid-back, or completely random? The choice is entirely up to you, but for the purposes of this post, the focus will lean towards a more traditional wedding anniversary gift-giving guide. According to those in the wedding industry (and probably Emily Post), anniversary gifts are given based on a year-by-year basis.

wedding anniversary guide

There are also certain flowers assigned to certain years. And depending on how generous you’re feeling, how much to give is also a choice entirely up to you. We’re going to highlight just a few of these years to give you an idea of how literal or figurative you can be when gifting according to this chart. It’s best to just be creative, keeping the people celebrating the anniversary in mind when choosing what to give.



  • For the “paper year” keep it simple and write a love letter (if you’re the spouse) or a letter of appreciation for the love shared between the happy couple (if you’re a friend or family member). Pair it with the one-year flower, carnations.
  • Do the love birds have a special interest in crafts, fashion, science, or some other topic that makes up the primary focus of a certain magazine? If so, gift a year’s subscription!
  • A shared journal could be an amazing experience for a newly married couple. This Q&A A Day Journal fits the paper theme, incorporates both individuals celebrating their love day, helps document the early years, and can act as a tool for the pair to learn new things they didn’t even know they were missing out on.
  • Customized prints for the happy couple to display in their home. It could be recorded sound waves of each person saying “I love you,” an illustrated rendering of the newlywed family, or anything else your mind can imagine to be meaningful to the celebrating pair.



Wooden Rings for 5th Wedding Anniversary

To celebrate the “wooden year” consider an amazing replacement band or special occasion ring, like these from Canadian small business Touch Wood Rings!


Wooden Wine Box for 5th Anniversary

Cute, fun, and filled with some tasty booze, this gift would be a perfect wedding anniversary gift idea for those celebrating their 5th year of marriage!


Tree for 5th Wedding Anniversary

What says wood better than a tree? Plant one together or give one as a special delivery for the celebrating couple to plant in their yard!



  • As it’s the “tin year,” go to an antique market together and scour for vintage tin items to use or display in your home. If you’re gifting the couple, hit the market yourself and see what you can find for them.
  • All kinds of treats and packages come in old fashioned tins; personalize it by choosing items that are meaningful to the love birds to put inside. Or home-bake their favorite treat partnered with the year’s flower, daffodils.
  • Be punny – utilize the word tin in something (sign, print, blanket, matching shirts, etc) “Happy Tin Years.”



25th Wedding Anniversary

Silver doesn’t have to be literal; for this think of the phrase “silver spoon,” and have a sense of humor! Incorporating the color silver is also a twist! You could even make something like this DIY.


Silver Jewelry for 25th Anniversary

Both in color and material, there are tons of options for silver customized jewelry as 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas.



Your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden hopes all of these wedding anniversary gift ideas are helpful in choosing the perfect thing for the important person (or people) in your life! Share with us your favorite ideas, even those that were given to you as gifts! Use the social media buttons below to reach out – we always love hearing from you!

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