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Personalized & Unique Wedding Ideas

Your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden is always trying to provide the most modern and on-trend ideas for brides and grooms to implement in their wedding day. We rarely focus on specialty wedding professionals though, those who provide unique, singular, or one-of-a-kind wedding ideas and services. We’ve touched on things like food trucks and adding signature cocktails in the past, but for this post we’ve compiled a list of our favorite customizable and unique wedding elements that will truly impress your guests and stay even more ingrained in your memories forever.

Two words: Bouncy House. These playful, colorful, air-filled bubble constructions aren’t just for five-year-olds birthday parties anymore! One of our favorite unique wedding ideas is hopping up and down in a beautiful wedding gown or expensive tuxedo and capturing it all on film!

Wedding Bouncy House


When it comes to unique wedding ideas, it can’t be a more fun and creative experience than arriving in style. Whether it’s simply how the bride (and groom) will come and go, the entire wedding party’s mode of transportation, or ways to move all of your wedding attendees from place to place – the possibilities are vast!

Wedding Train Hitting the Slopes
Hot Air Balloon Wedding
Trolley Ride in Style Animal Ride


Lounges. Wonderfully unique wedding ideas that revolve around relaxation are the way to go. It could be a bridal suite that can be created anywhere you choose to chill in before walking down the aisle or a spread of comfort at the reception with lots of couches for your guests to kickback, sip a beverage, and chat.

Prop N Spoon Rentals  Dream Day Rooms



Cocktail and beverage catering is a specialty business that helps you create the perfect signature cocktail. Using a company instead of winging it on your own allows the implementation of exotic and original ingredients that you may have never heard of or don’t know how to work into your ideas on your own.  

Snake Oil Cocktails Twist Cocktails Sidecar Cocktail Company



Photo and video booths have been around for a while, but you can easily upgrade and personalize them for truly unique wedding ideas that your guests will love! There are plenty of companies who can provide or create custom booths to fit any style.

Video Confessional Booth Photo Car


Who doesn’t love a fun, over-the-top charactuer? Hire an artist to come around during the reception and scribble down a drawing or two of your guests. Not only is it one of the most unique wedding ideas we’ve seen, but it can serve as the favor (or one of) that your attendees can take home with them.

Charactuer at Wedding


Thoughts on these unique wedding ideas? Share your your own ideas with us by using the social media buttons below! We love hearing from you.

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