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12 Best Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Was your child lucky enough to have been born in the fun-filled summer months? Are you eager to throw an amazing summer birthday party? Have you run out of ways to put a twist on the iconic “pool party” or are you ready for something totally different? With first-hand experience planning and coordinating all types of events, your Denver special events planner Blue Linden wants to help out by providing you with 12 wonderful ideas for summer birthday parties for kids.




Color Run Kid Summer Birthday PartyKid Color Run Summer Birthday PartyKids Summer Birthday Party Color Run

One of the best summer party ideas is a trendy Color Run Birthday! Get the kiddos outside, let them run off their excess energy, provide a creative outlet, give them a reason to get dirty, and they can have tons of fun. You can also tie in a “rainbow” theme for decoration, food, and desserts. Make sure everyone wears white!


Camping Inspired Kid Summer Birthday Party IdeaOutdoor Summer Birthday Parties for KidsSummer Birthday Party Idea Glamping

If you want to throw a super fun summer birthday party, look no further than a Camping (or Glamping) & Bonfire theme! Pitch tents in your backyard, prepare a daylight nature walk/scavenger hunt, teach some survival skills, and settle in for the night with s’mores and scary ghost stories around the fire!


Backyard Movie Summer Birthday Party Summer Birthday Parties for Kids Backyard Movie  Outdoor Summer Birthday Parties for Kids Kid Summer Birthday Party Idea Backyard Movie

A Drive-In (or should we say walk-in) Backyard Movie is a fun and relatively easy summer birthday party idea to pull off. Not only can it be super affordable, but it’s simple to customize and theme! Make it as basic or as glamorous as you want, good for boys or girls of any age.


Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas for Summer

Circus Summer Birthday Parties for Kids

 Circus Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Carnival Summer Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Put together a fun Circus or Carnival, one of the best summer party ideas. Organize DIY games and booths with typical “fair fare.” Kick-up a circus with a petting zoo or a clown/juggler/magician; spice up a carnival with a dunk tank or an inflatable bounce house. Make sure to give away “tickets” for the kids to cash-in for prizes!


Olympics Summer Birthday Party Ideas   Olympics Summer Birthday Parties for Kids   Best Summer Birthday Party Ideas Olympics

Break the kids up into five differently colored teams that’ll compete for gold at your Olympics themed summer birthday party! Have a sack-race, a paper airplane competition, “ring” toss, and other DIY games. And don’t forget opening and closing ceremonies complete with gold, silver, and bronze (edible?) medals!




Summer Birthday Party Ice Cream Theme     Ice Cream Summer Birthday Party

Summer birthday parties for kids require fun, games, and lots of sweets, and all those things are easily accomplished with an Ice Cream Social. Ice cream cone relay race, tallest cone tower, pin the cherry on the sundae, ice cream bean bag toss, tastiest sundae building competition, and ice cream bingo are just a few indoor game ideas (and decor is easily customizable).


Pirate Summer Kids Parties Pirate Best Summer Party Ideas Best Summer Party Ideas Pirate Pirate Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Aarrrghh, it’s a Pirate Party, matey! One of the best summer party ideas can be fulfilled outside or inside (or a little of both). Hand out costumes, temporary tattoos, and balloon swords. Send em on a treasure hunt, make captured pirates break free; take it outside for a while with a backyard pirate ship jungle gym and make the kiddos walk the plank (over a kiddie pool of water or not). Serve fish sticks, “sub”marine sandwiches, goldfish crackers, gold coin chocolates, and swedish fish candies (just to name a few).


Summer Birthday Party Ghostbusters    Summer Birthday Party Star Wars    Summer Birthday Party Ninja Turtles

Ghostbusters or Star Wars or Ninja Turtles or any Currently Trending theme (books, movies, super heroes, etc). Make it a summer birthday party by taking it outside for a bit with a theme-appropriate battle! Silly string fight (Ghostbusters alien “slime”) or balloon or foam nunchucks/light-saber battle (Ninja Turtles/Star Wars)! Try mixing this up with an outdoor movie night by showing a movie related to the theme (if applicable).




Summer Birthday Party Luau Summer Birthday Party Luau Ideas Luau Summer Birthday Party

Tropical, Grass skirts, coconut bras, tasty food, sun, water, and sand (if possible) envelops one of the best summer party ideas: a Luau – a great twist to the typical pool party. Hula hoop competition, hula dancing entertainment, LIMBO, and of course splashing around in the water! Have the kiddos get decked out in sunglasses and leis (they can decorate their own) which can double as favors.


Water Fun Bash Summer Birthday Party Water Fun Bash Summer Birthday Parties for Kids Water Fun Kid Summer Birthday Party

Summer birthday parties for kids don’t have to be limited to a pool. Instead, put together a water balloon fight, squirt gun battle, set up water balloon pinatas, let the sprinklers run, and have the kids take a turn down a slip-n-slide. Throw a Water Fun Bash! This allows you to have the party right in your backyard and to serve as many messy foods as you want, cause they can easily wash it all away with the next water activity.


Wipeout Kids Summer Birthday Party Wipeout Summer Birthday Parties for Kids

Basing your summer birthday party off the reality competition Wipeout can give way to a wet and wild celebration! Set up the obstacle course for the kids to have a friendly, fun, and in the end soaked experience; it’ll allow them to run off their excess energy and stay cool during the summer heat, providing a pool-like party that they’ll be talking about for years!


Mud Run Summer Birthday Parties for Kids Mud Run Summer Birthday Party Ideas

The best summer party ideas are all about cooling off! If it’s good enough for pigs, it’s good enough for kids! Have a Mud Run party! Make an obstacle course that’s all about getting dirty! You can incorporate bulldozers or burrowing insects into the decor/theme and be clever with the food. And when you’re all done playing in the muck, hose everybody down!


So what do you think about summer birthday parties for kids ideas? How would you incorporate some of these themes in your party? Any other unique themes we should share with other planning parents? Let us know using the social media buttons below to help you plan your next party! And if you need some ideas for what to give as favors, check out our post Summer Themed Party Favors For All Ages.

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