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Integrating Social Media In Your Wedding

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… social media is everywhere, but should it be part of your big day? Deciding whether or not integrating social media in your wedding is the right choice for you can be difficult. You may feel you love it, like a recent bride Kellie who said, “I am always curious to see how everyone else’s special day turns out, even if I’m not there. It’s awesome when you can take a picture and upload it instantly. I liked it for my wedding because it was another way to collect the pictures, like having a virtual scrapbook.” However, it might not be for you, like another newlywed Jessica: “We didn’t push the social media thing because our wedding was very low key, but I know A LOT of people do! Plus I just couldn’t come up with a catchy hashtag!” If you’re on the fence or are lost on how to use social media in your wedding, your Denver special events planner Blue Linden gathered some of our favorite tips to help you out!


Before the big day even happens, use social media to your advantage during your planning process! Aside from the obvious inspiration – PINTEREST – where you can create boards and get your creativity juices flowing, you can also get ideas from people/businesses you follow on the other major social media platforms and share them with those involved in helping make your dreams a reality (wedding party, best friends, or planner)!


If you’ve created a wedding website, or just like to share the milestone moments of the pre-wedding process, post about it. Include your nearest and dearest by using any social media platform(s) you’re comfortable with or that the people who you want to be in-the-know use the most. Keep a countdown, share your “today I completed” accomplishments, or take snapshots of your day-to-day wedding planning tasks, but remember to keep it light and fun, leaving any drama off the interwebs.


Perhaps the biggest way of integrating social media in your wedding is through the broadcasting and use of a custom-made hashtag! First you have to come up with something catchy, to-the-point, wedding-themed, or all of the above! Try mashing your names together (Brangelina anyone?), incorporating the wedding date, or using common wedding phrases with your new last name. Once you’ve got that, you have to get it out to the people. Post it on your wedding website, use the hashtag yourself whenever you post wedding-related things on your personal social media pages, and make it known on the day itself. Anytime someone snaps a pic or tweets a comment about your wedding, they use the hashtag and there is an online scrapbook from your loved ones that are immediately accessible to you.

* Create and display a large sign at the entrance to the reception with the hashtag to welcome guests as they come in.

Social Media Entrance Sign Directional Sign Social Media Wedding

* Make place cards for each guests’ setting with the hashtag. It will reach everyone, and they can take it with them if they don’t want to post during the wedding itself.

Social Media Placecard for Wedding

* Put up signs in locations where people will see them: next to the food or at the guest book table.

OhhhSnap Social Media in Your Wedding Social Media Hashtag

* Put together a social media station with chargers and selfie-worthy decor/backdrops/props, and make sure the hashtag is ever-present. You could even set up some sort of live-stream for those important people in your life who couldn’t make it to the event.

Social Media Station

* Have an “official tweeter” well-wishes station. Set up an account based on your hashtag and have someone tweet to it, like a virtual guest book. Instead of a videographer who goes around and asks for wishes for the bride and groom, encourage people to go to your tweeter with their 140 characters or less.


Snapchat has this cool feature where you can create a “geofilter” for your special event. On a certain day for a certain amount of time the filter will pop up for you to add to your photos when you’re within a certain distance of the event. You can create your own, hire someone (there are etsy listings out there), or perhaps your planner has a contact for you! You’ll have to get the word out there just like with the hashtag and encourage your guests to send all their snaps to you so you can actually collect them all.

Social Media Geofilters


While integrating social media in your wedding has its positives, make sure it doesn’t disrupt your day. The bride or groom should never have a phone in hand – be in the moment and let your guests “work” for you on your wedding day! Consider making the ceremony itself electronics-free, perhaps making a note on the programs. Also, make sure your guests don’t get in the way of the professional photographers you’ve hired to capture your day. While you’ll appreciate the candid and more personalized shots from your friends, they should not be front and center shoving a cell phone in your face when you’re popping that piece of cake in your new spouse’s mouth!


Let us know your thoughts on our collected tips for integrating social media in your wedding by using those fancy social media buttons below! And if you have any tips of your own to share, we’d love to hear them!



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