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Seasonal Signature Cocktails For Weddings: Summer

During this third installment of seasonal signature cocktails for weddings, your special events planner Blue Linden is covering summer libations! Think of those typical summery flavors, the best available fruits (and some veggies), what you want to cool you down after a sun-filled afternoon, and mix in a little booze. We hope we’ve compiled a great and widely-varied list of seasonal signature cocktail ideas for you to choose from to make your day taste just the way you want it to!


more than just a beverage, like a snack in a glass


Seasonal Signature Cocktails Strawberry Mimosa
strawberry shortcake mimosas with Nilla wafers, strawberry ice cream, vanilla vodka, prosecco, whipped cream, and amazingly juicy summer-fresh strawberries


Seasonal Signature Cocktails Sweet Tea Sangria
sweet tea sangria stuffed with seasonal fruits and herbs like raspberries, peaches, and mint (but ultimately you can put in any of your favorite sweet produce)


Seasonal Signature Cocktails Tabernacle Crush
tabernacle crush brings those summer-perfect peaches to the forefront, made boozy with gin and lillet, and perfectly refreshing for the summer weather


Seasonal Signature Cocktails Raspberry Limoncello
raspberry limoncello prosecco takes your favorite lemonade flavors and elevates you from childhood to adulthood x 1,000



frozen treats to help cool you down


Seasonal Signature Cocktails Margarita Sno Cone
margarita snow cones is another childhood favorite with a twist, and the best part about this one is the endless margarita recipes you could incorporate (sweet, fruity, or even boozier)


Seasonal Signature Cocktails Orange Julius
boozy orange julius adds together OJ, a little sugar and vanilla, and plenty of vodka for an amazingly refreshing frozen treat for any event


Seasonal Signature Cocktail Lava Flow
lava flow cocktail is absolutely everything that summer is supposed to taste like: coconut, pineapple, strawberry, and plenty of rum



great twists on our favorite classics


Seasonal Signature Cocktails Watermelon Bloody Mary
watermelon bloody marys have that one essential summer necessity: watermelon


Seasonal Signature Cocktails Blackberry Julep
blackberry mint julep gets its unique color and added sweetness from delicate and wonderfully summery blackberries


Seasonal Signature Cocktails Blueberry Mojito
blueberry ginger mojito hits the tongue (in a good way) as a tart, sweet, and crisp thirst-quencher


Seasonal Signature Cocktails Coconut G and T
coconut gin and tonic provides a lift to those tastebuds in the form of fresh lime and pallet-pleasing coconut undertones



… and there you have it, Blue Linden’s list of our favorite seasonal signature cocktails for summer weddings. Many of these can be adapted to fit your personal taste, style, or fit right into your wedding day! Let us know your thoughts on these or share other ideas with us by using the social media buttons below! And if you’ve missed our other seasonal signature cocktails for spring and winter, be sure to check those out too! Cheers!

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