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Seasonal Signature Cocktails For Weddings: Fall

For the fourth and final rotation of seasonal signature cocktails for weddings, your favorite Denver wedding planner Blue Linden is bringing it home with all the best fall-themed spirits. Our list of must-have fall cocktails will have you ready for sweater weather and pumpkin-spiced everything. And don’t forget, the best part of the seasonal signature cocktail is giving it a clever, wedding-relevant name!


What says fall cocktails better than including apple cider in the mix? And while we’re talking margaritas, we’ll give you two seasonal signature cocktails to choose from!

hard apple cider sangria seasonal signature cocktails
Hard Apple Cider Sangria

spiked apple cider floats seasonal signature cocktail
Spiked Apple Cider Floats

apple cider margarita fall cocktails
Apple Cider Sangria

seasonal signature cocktails cranberry margaritas
Cranberry Margaritas


Continuing with the apple trend, the best fall desserts are definitely apple pie and caramel apples – so why not turn them into the perfect fall cocktails?

apple pie moscow mule fall cocktails
Apple Pie Moscow Mules

apple pie sparklers fall cocktails
Apple Pie Sparklers

fall cocktails caramel apple martinis
Caramel Apple Martini

caramel apple mimosas fall cocktails
Caramel Apple Mimosas


Pumpkin is the quintessential ingredient to make the perfect fall seasonal signature cocktail, and the recipes that called to us are ones that anybody would love to drink!

pumpkin beer and apple fall cocktails
Pumpkin Beer & Apple Cocktails

pumpkin spice white russian fall cocktails
Pumpkin-Spiced White Russian

boozy pumpkin hot cocoa seasonal signature cocktails
Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Cocoa

Pumpkin Pie Shooters Fall Cocktails
Pumpkin Pie Shooters


Pumpkin Pie can make it in a fall cocktail, so why not pecan pie? And while we’re at it, let’s add a little something that reminds us of an adult scoop of vanilla ice cream! Put in fruits that have some of the best fall scents, and you’ve got the rest of the best seasonal signature cocktails we could find.

pecan pie milkshake fall cocktails
Leftover Pecan Pie Bourbon Shake

fall cocktails horchata

vanilla pear cocktail seasonal signature cocktails
Vanilla Pear Cocktail

orange maple whiskey fall cocktails
Orange & Maple Whiskey Cocktails

Blood orange punch seasonal signature cocktails
Mulled Blood-Orange Punch


These fall cocktails round together the full year of seasonal signature cocktails. Check out the other seasons – winter, spring, and summer – and let us know what you think by reaching out using the social media buttons below. We certainly hope you can find something for your event that will be sure to please the tastebuds of anyone attending!


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