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How To Make Wedding Planning Fun

Just because you’ve hired a wedding coordinator doesn’t mean you just walk down the aisle; there are still details that need planning by you and your significant other. If you’ve forgone the coordinator altogether and are tackling the planning responsibilities on your own, then your plate is even more full. Whichever your situation, a lot of brides and grooms find that after the initial excitement of the engagement wears off, the planning part seems stressful, overwhelming, and maybe a little unpleasant.  If you want to bring the love back into the experience and enjoy wedding planning, your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden is here to help make wedding planning fun!


Pencil In Enjoy Wedding Planning     Pencil It In

If you’re wedding planning all day, everyday, you’ll burn out much more quickly. Designate one day each week for wedding talk. You can still browse Pinterest and flip through magazines, but don’t bombard each other with the details until the scheduled wedding planning day. To make it even more appealing, turn it into a date. Pop a bottle of wine, order in, and set-up an indoor picnic while you go over the details with one another.


Celebrate Making Wedding Planning Fun    Celebrate Milestones

Did you finally book the perfect ceremony venue? Perhaps you settled on that amazing baker? The dream dress just flew off the shelf at you? Whatever the accomplishment, however big or small, to fully enjoy wedding planning, celebrate your efforts – fancy dinner, night out doing a favorite hobby, couple’s massage, champagne toast, or anything that’s meaningful and fun to the two of you!


Help Your Significant Other Enjoy Wedding Planning     Split Decisions…

If one of you is more inclined to do the planning than the other, find a way to cater to their strengths to bring them into the wedding planning fun. Encourage the disinterested half of the couple by playing to his/her interests and passions. If he/she loves woodworking, ask for custom-made directional signs or yard games (cornhole or croquet) for the reception. Perhaps he/she is a music enthusiast, so request an amazing “must-play” and a detailed “no-play” list for the DJ (or even put together a playlist that fits you two).  Is he/she a master trip planner? If so, relinquish all the honeymoon planning! And of course, have the non-planner tag along for the “fun” stuff like cake testing, wine tasting and signature cocktail creation session, and caterer menu planning.


Make Wedding Planning Fun With Competition     Friendly Competition

Challenge your other half to the items on your to-do list. Which of you can choose your wedding party members first? Who can stuff the most invites in a set time? Who can wrap and tie-off the most (and neatest) favors? Collect your RSVP reply cards on a weekly basis and place bets on which are yes or no. Be as creative with the competition as you are with the reward for the winner!


Friends Making Wedding Planning Fun     What Are Friends For?

Whether it’s attending a bridal show together (which can really hype-up the fun factor) or asking for their help with your list of wedding planning tasks, utilize your nearest and dearest! If you’re DIY-ing the centerpieces, set up an example for all to mimic and replicate. Creating your own favors means you could easily use more hands to quickly get through them all. Anything you are struggling to complete on your own, ask for help! Cocktails, dinner, dessert (or all three) can be the payoff to your helpers for a night or two throughout the process to make wedding planning fun and painless.


To make wedding planning fun and fully enjoy it, you have to stop treating it like a task or chore and see it as the opportunity it is: another way for you and your almost-spouse to make memories, spend more time together, and to bond over the first step in building your lives together. Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy wedding planning – let us know using the social media buttons below!



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