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Incorporating Videography During Your Wedding Day

Have you given any thought to incorporating videography during your wedding day? Although it is becoming more and more popular among brides and grooms with the improvement of camera equipment and recording quality, videography can oftentimes be one of the last things couples consider utilizing on their big day. And your Denver special events planner Blue Linden definitely feels that shouldn’t be the case. If you’re entertaining the idea of recording all those moments of your wedding, we have some amazing suggestions in the form of featured videographers to help make your decision much easier!


As is the case when shopping around for most wedding professionals, you’re probably most interested in skills, portfolio/style, and price. And when it comes to a featured videographer, those were the things that we focused on when choosing who we wanted to highlight (plus we just really like these guys)!


Sun Prairie Films   Tea Light Studios


Sun Prairie Films and Tea Light Studios are both husband-and-wife-power-teams based out of the Denver area. Each company specializes in filming weddings, citing the use of their own audio equipment (lapel mics, shotgun mics, hand recorders, etc), and a plethora of visual-recording assistance, such as: drones, sliders, mono/tri-pods, and much more – all used in conjunction with fabulous cameras to capture every single ‘WOW’ moment.


Sun Prairie Films Highlight Reel


Tea Light Studios Recent Wedding Highlight


In addition to the information you can easily find on either vendor’s website, we did a quick “interview” with each featured videographer to gather even more beneficial details for you when making your decision about incorporating videography during your wedding day.


Incorporating Videography During Your Wedding Day


Hopefully the information we’ve collected and shared will help in your decision about incorporating videography during your wedding day. While we favor both of these featured videographers, there are a vast number of amazing wedding vendors to choose from! If you want some additional assistance on incorporating other wedding professionals, see our posts on DJs, photographers, and bakers. Share with us your thoughts about filming your big day by using the social media buttons below! Your Denver special events planner Blue Linden always looks forward to hearing from you!

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