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How To Throw A Graduation Party

Late May to early June is the time of graduation! Whether high school or college, acknowledging the achievements of your graduate is paramount in helping them forage ahead in the world. Planning and hosting a fabulous event in honor of your loved one can be fun, but it can also prove challenging. Your Denver special events planner Blue Linden wants to help out by providing you with awesome tips on how to throw a graduation party that will stay in their memory forever.


  • Ask your graduate how they want to celebrate their milestone day! All-out party or small gathering of nearest and dearest? Themed or simple? Planned events or just general merryment?

Backyard Graduation Party


  • Make plans. There are many ways to have a graduation party than just the traditional ‘home’ or ‘backyard’ affair. For high school grads, consider something unique, like paint ball, an amusement park, or an adventurous road (or abroad) trip. For college grads, include some booze by going on a pub crawl, to a brewery tour, or visiting a vineyard. You could even go to a musical festival or do some extreme sports like skydiving or bungee jumping. However, if a home gathering is what your grad wants, spice it up: hire a fortune teller, rent a bouncy house (they aren’t just for little kids), get a caricature artist to amuse everyone, or make it a murder mystery party! If your grad has a close knit group of friends, you can even entertain the idea of a joint party or large dinner.


  • Once the details are decided upon, send out the necessary invitations. The easiest and most efficient way to get the information to the interested parties is to include the details of the graduation party with the graduation announcement itself.


  • If your grad’s choice of party requires refreshments, make sure to plan food that is in line with the type of event your throwing. Backyard barbecue is best fulfilled by easy-to-eat, handheld foods and snacks. Provide drinks that are easy to maneuver outdoors as well. If you’re hosting an indoor affair, think about the messiness of the foods you’re choosing. Don’t forget to mix in fun, creative, and graduation-inspired foods as well!

Graduation Food Diploma Cookies


  • While good old-fashioned conversation works for any event, there’s always room for activities at any good party! Iconic backyard games like horseshoes, corn hole, or splashing around in a sprinkler can prove mildly entertaining, but kick things up a notch. There are such things as giant yard games (twister, jenga, or connect four), putting a twist on competitive games (like the ones from ‘Minute to Win it’), come up with your own “Grad Libs” for a more relaxed game, or do things that are uniquely you! Don’t forget the photo booth with props, and include social media by creating your own hashtag for the event! Get creative and remember to have fun!


  • The possibilities in the decoration department are pretty limitless, but any great graduation party has pictures of the graduate(s) from across the years!

Graduation Party Decorations Graduation Party Decor Grad Party Decor


  • Enjoy every moment!

Graduation Day!


We can’t stress enough: utilize Pinterest! Check out Blue Linden’s Graduation Celebration Ideas board on Pinterest for more great ideas to incorporate in your grad’s big day! And don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the social media buttons below!! We’d love to share our insight and hear from you! Happy Graduation!

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