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Fathers’ Roles In The Wedding

Historically, weddings largely involve the women in a couple’s life more so than the men. But since Father’s Day is coming up, your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden wanted to highlight a few of the responsibilities and honored duties that your important men can have. Here are some of the most popular and cherished fathers’ roles in the wedding that will truly make them feel as special as they actually are to you.


Traditionally, fathers’ roles in the wedding are fairly limited. The most iconic things for dad and daughter to do together consist of walking down the aisle and dancing.

Dad and Daughter Walking Down Aisle

Dad and Daughter Dance Dad and Daughter Dancing


And for dad and son, the traditional role is usually fulfilled by helping to plan (and attending!) the bachelor party, as well as getting ready with the other fellas on the morning of the big day. The father of the groom will also greet guests and publicly escort the groom’s mother down the aisle.

Dad and Son Getting Ready


Both the groom’s and bride’s fathers are typically assumed to give some sort of toast at the reception and stand tall and proud in the wedding photos!

Dad and Son Standing Tall Dad and Daughter Kisses Dad and Son all smiles


Another thing that the fathers can do, that very often goes overlooked, is provide a calming and strengthening influence for their children (and their mothers). Much the same, by not having many assigned duties, it leaves the dads available to pick up slack where others drop it.

But that’s not all they can (or should) do for the big day!

For dad and daughter, don’t just limit your time to the aisle or dance floor; the bride should encourage her dad to spend some one-on-one time while traveling to the ceremony together.

Dad and Daughter in Car


Since the bride’s family “traditionally” helps pay for the wedding, that means the father of the bride is acting as host. Help the happy couple out by taking over paying vendors, seeing guests off, and making sure any and all gifts are taken from the venue and delivered to the newlywed’s home.


“Traditionally” the groom’s family throws the rehearsal dinner, making the father of the groom the host of that event (and everything it entails). At the wedding itself, he should make sure to socialize as much as everyone else and take an opportunity to dance with the bride (his new daughter) and even her mother!

Dad and Daughter Together


Fathers’ roles in weddings don’t have to be limited to only this list, though! Any way you wish to honor the men in your lives would be gratefully accepted, we’re sure! Show your dads how much you love them and want them included in the most memorable day of your lives.

And don’t forget to wish them a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ from us!



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