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Gladys ❤︎ Wayne: Blue Linden’s First Elopement


Groom: Wayne – from Colorado
Profession: Air Traffic Controller residing in Saudi Arabia

Bride: Gladys – from the Philippines
Profession: Registered Nurse residing in Saudi Arabia

Met online. Both love the show Friends and fell in love while sharing dinner and watching many episodes of the show together on Wayne’s couch.

Wayne proposed without much pomp and circumstance, that’s just the kind of guy he is. Gladys said yes without hesitation.  They made plans for a big wedding in December 2017 in the Philippines, so Gladys’ entire family could witness them exchange their vows. Then they were going to fly back to the U.S. for a post wedding party with Wayne’s family.

But the best-laid plans were foiled by some unexpected news and Wayne found himself scrambling to plan a wedding in three weeks.

That’s when Blue Linden Weddings received a phone call from Saudi Arabia asking if we could plan a mountain wedding for 8-10 people to be held in three weeks. I must admit, I was skeptical at first. I thought, “Is this for real?” But after about 15 minutes of Wayne explaining the situation, I was excited by the challenge. Wayne explained that Gladys had never seen the Rocky Mountains and the most important thing after exchanging their vows was the wedding photos with the mountains as the backdrop. As you can imagine, planning a wedding can be challenging, especially at peak season, so I got started right away, and Wayne and Gladys gave me complete control in selecting a location, caterer, photographer, and officiant.

I found a lovely home on AirB&B in Colorado Springs, close to the Air Force Academy that had everything we needed. It could accommodate all the guests, had an amazing gourmet kitchen for the caterer, and best of all, a fantastic view of the Front Range … just what Wayne asked for!

The happy couple flew into Denver on a Thursday and drove to Pueblo to meet Wayne’s family. On Friday, they arrived at the AirB&B home and settled in, anticipating the “I Do’s” for the next day.  Saturday was picture perfect with sunny clear skies!


Family at Wedding


We arrived around 3:00 pm and got to work. A Wild Thyme began preparing the food. Silver Sparrow Photography took some “getting ready” photos, and the officiant, Dan Luebke chatted with Wayne while Gladys got her hair and make up done by Danielle of Brides by Rosanne.


Rings on Flowers

Bride in Bridal Suite


We helped Gladys into her dress and I pinned on Wayne’s boutonniere, set the table, sat the guests, and cued the officiant . It was time!


Pinning & Table Setting


Gladys’ make up had a natural look with a pretty red lip to match her flowers. She wore her hair pulled back on one side, just the way Wayne likes it. As she stepped out onto the patio you could hear Wayne’s family react with, “Aww.”


Bride Down the Aisle


In keeping with Wayne’s personality, Dan added humorous quips to the ceremony, making references to some of the stories Wayne had shared about himself.  Everyone enjoyed the “jab” at Wayne’s expense as it was all in good fun and personalized the ceremony.


Saying Vows


Silver Sparrow was able to capture some beautiful images of the Front Range.


Rocky Mountain Back Drop


Since this was the official exchanging of the vows, Gladys wanted to share it with her family in the Philippines, so we Face Timed with them so they could witness the big day.  As soon as the ceremony was over, Wayne said hello to his new in-laws.


Long Distance Wedding

Wedding Reception Catering


The cake was a berry chantilly purchased at Whole Food, but we also enjoyed yummy desserts provided by A Wild Thyme. The happy couple stayed with tradition, cut the cake together, and fed each other a slice. They were both sweet and did not squish cake in each other’s face.


Cut the Cake


L. Weddel Designs made a beautiful bouquet and centerpiece with a mixture of dark and light pinks, and just a touch of purple.


Wedding Flowers


Just before sunset Silver Sparrow took Wayne and Gladys back outside for a few sunset photos, and it was the perfect ending to a lovely day. They returned to Saudi Arabia as husband and wife and have plans to host a large party in the Philippines, next year after the birth of their first child, to celebrate with Gladys’ family.


CO Sunset Wedding Photo

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