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How To Throw A Graduation Party

Late May to early June is the time of graduation! Whether high school or college, acknowledging the achievements of your graduate is paramount in helping them forage ahead in the world. Planning and hosting a fabulous event in honor of your loved one can be fun, but it can also prove challenging. Your Denver special events planner Blue Linden wants to help out by providing you with awesome tips on how to throw a graduation party that will stay in their memory forever.


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Gift Registry Etiquette

Most of the time, a gift registry is something you think of for a wedding, but these tips, suggestions, and common etiquette practices can apply to any type of event where registration for gifts is appropriate. Whether you’re completely lost on the registry process or simply have a question or two, follow Blue Linden’s DO’s and DON’Ts to help you on your way to a properly put-together gift registry

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Gladys ❤︎ Wayne: Blue Linden’s First Elopement


Groom: Wayne – from Colorado
Profession: Air Traffic Controller residing in Saudi Arabia

Bride: Gladys – from the Philippines
Profession: Registered Nurse residing in Saudi Arabia

Met online. Both love the show Friends and fell in love while sharing dinner and watching many episodes of the show together on Wayne’s couch.

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10 Wedding Cake Trends Of 2017

In this week’s post, it’s all about wedding cakes! In addition to featuring our favorite 10 wedding cake trends of 2017, we’re also going to highlight a few more of favorite bakeries (in addition to the one we praised in our post Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake).

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Honoring Your Mom At Your Wedding

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, your Denver special events planner Blue Linden wanted to take the time to reflect on the meaning of the holiday: honoring your mom! Whether it’s the mom of the bride or the groom, the women that are most important in your life should have a place in your big day. From the planning and preparation to the special moments of the ceremony and reception, we’ve put together a list of including and honoring your mom at your wedding.

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Personalized & Unique Wedding Ideas

Your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden is always trying to provide the most modern and on-trend ideas for brides and grooms to implement in their wedding day. We rarely focus on specialty wedding professionals though, those who provide unique, singular, or one-of-a-kind wedding ideas and services. We’ve touched on things like food trucks and adding signature cocktails in the past, but for this post we’ve compiled a list of our favorite customizable and unique wedding elements that will truly impress your guests and stay even more ingrained in your memories forever.

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Integrating Social Media In Your Wedding

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… social media is everywhere, but should it be part of your big day? Deciding whether or not integrating social media in your wedding is the right choice for you can be difficult. You may feel you love it, like a recent bride Kellie who said, “I am always curious to see how everyone else’s special day turns out, even if I’m not there. It’s awesome when you can take a picture and upload it instantly. I liked it for my wedding because it was another way to collect the pictures, like having a virtual scrapbook.” However, it might not be for you, like another newlywed Jessica: “We didn’t push the social media thing because our wedding was very low key, but I know A LOT of people do! Plus I just couldn’t come up with a catchy hashtag!” If you’re on the fence or are lost on how to use social media in your wedding, your Denver special events planner Blue Linden gathered some of our favorite tips to help you out!

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Seasonal Signature Cocktails For Weddings: Spring

For our second installment of seasonal signature cocktails for weddings, your special events planner Blue Linden is covering spring beverages! Does your spring event need the perfect drink to accompany it? Something refreshing, bright, and just enough to get your buzz on? We’ve put together a wide-ranging list of spring wedding signature cocktails that are sure to help in making your libations selection a little easier – with a twist, because they’re bound to be as unique as you.

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How To Make Wedding Planning Fun

Just because you’ve hired a wedding coordinator doesn’t mean you just walk down the aisle; there are still details that need planning by you and your significant other. If you’ve forgone the coordinator altogether and are tackling the planning responsibilities on your own, then your plate is even more full. Whichever your situation, a lot of brides and grooms find that after the initial excitement of the engagement wears off, the planning part seems stressful, overwhelming, and maybe a little unpleasant.  If you want to bring the love back into the experience and enjoy wedding planning, your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden is here to help make wedding planning fun!

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