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A Guide To Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline

Separate from your wedding morning to-do list, which just encompasses how a bride can easily get ready pre-festivities, creating a wedding day timeline makes sure the entire day of your wedding runs smoothly. If you choose to hire a wedding planner (which we highly encourage), he or she will certainly have a plan of their own that they can customize for your big day. But if you’d like to create your own wedding day timeline, we’re here to share some tips and tricks to make sure nothing is left out, and you can enjoy your day worry-free!

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Wedding Food Ideas & Tips

When it comes to the task of creating an appealing wedding reception menu, you want wedding food ideas that aren’t tired and predictable. Choosing the right options can be hard to do depending on the time of year, your setting/venue/theme, and your wedding budget. But your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden has come up with some great menu planning tips and wedding food ideas to satisfy your guests’ appetites and make your wedding menu a point of pride!

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Serena Williams Got Married!

On this month’s coverage of celebrity weddings, an athlete and a techie tie the knot! Beauty and the Beast theme (complete with a choreographed first dance to Tale As Old As Time), performances by the band New Edition, cupcakes that dropped from the ceiling on platters, Gatorade hydration station, and a carousel are only a few of the amazing details from the night of November 16 when the tennis phenom Serena Williams got married to co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian. With their famous and easily recognizable nearest and dearest in attendance, whom they requested dress ‘theme appropriate,’ the couple threw a memorable and beautiful wedding, one worthy of any engaged girl’s Pinterest board!

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How Millennials Have Shifted Wedding Traditions

The wedding world has countless, long-standing traditions that have been the standard for so long that they are now expected at every single wedding. However, much like everything else we know and love, the younger generation is here to challenge those traditions. As a pesky millennial myself, and one who was recently married, I’d like to shed some light on the ways wedding etiquette and traditions have been altered in the last few years. We’re not just talking about getting rid of the garter toss, but everything from how your guests RSVP to what they are allowed to do on your big day has evolved. Let’s take a look at how millennials have shifted wedding traditions.


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Tips For Hosting Thanksgiving

If you’ve decided to open your home to friends and family this holiday season, your Denver special events planner Blue Linden has gathered some helpful tips for hosting Thanksgiving that may be of use to you. We want your event to be a wonderful, festive occasion. Shy of hiring an event planner like us to take some of the burden off your hands, these pointers can be beneficial in making your experience with hosting Thanksgiving one you will want to repeat for years to come!


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Wedding Reality TV Shows

Aside from the internet, tv is one of the easiest ways to get a heads-up on pop culture trends and potentially jumpstart your own creativity. With the overabundance of wedding planning tools, sometimes something as simple as wedding reality tv shows can go overlooked, when in fact they can easily act as a visual aid for ideas (both good and bad) and be a super fun way to be productive in your planning. Your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden has put together a list of the most popular, must-watch wedding themed tv shows that can become useful wedding planning helpers, and possibly your secret guilty pleasures.

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Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Some of the smallest details can be the most easily overlooked, but when given just a little attention, those things can be the most beautiful. When it comes to your wedding guest book, it’s easy to simply go the traditional route. And while that’s not a bad thing, with only a few extra moments of consideration, you can have an additional themed piece to tie those small reception details together. Check out Blue Linden’s list of favorited wedding guest book ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

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Kristina ❤︎ Russ: Colorado Resort Wedding

“Every so often, a wedding comes along that seems to jump out of the screen and directly into our hearts. Whether it’s an ethereal landscape, an eye-catching style, or simply the blissful look of adoration in a true love’s eye, we can’t. stop. looking.Borrowed & Blue

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Our Favorite Wedding Stationery Experts

Save-the-Dates, bridal shower and rehearsal dinner invites, wedding invitation suites, programs, table numbers, and menus are just a few of the items on your to-do list, right? That means you’re in the market for a kickass graphic designer for your big day, and we’ve got you covered with two of our favorite wedding stationery experts. Sarah Meyer from Designs by Sarah and Carina Herman from LBC Design Co. came together with your Denver wedding planner Blue Linden to answer some questions, give some tips, and show examples of the amazing work you can expect from graphic designers like them.

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Seasonal Signature Cocktails For Weddings: Fall

For the fourth and final rotation of seasonal signature cocktails for weddings, your favorite Denver wedding planner Blue Linden is bringing it home with all the best fall-themed spirits. Our list of must-have fall cocktails will have you ready for sweater weather and pumpkin-spiced everything. And don’t forget, the best part of the seasonal signature cocktail is giving it a clever, wedding-relevant name! Read more